Subject: rtVAX300 (was: Re: rtVAX)
From: Roger Ivie <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/12/2002 22:04:24
I've changed the subject because, as someone else pointed out, there are
several rtVAXes.

The original rtVAX used a special implementation of the MicroVAX II. As I
understand it (and I've not seen any technical specs on the processor, so
this could just be lunatic rantings), the change made for the original
rtVAX was to not allow user-mode page tables to be paged. I don't know the
details; sorry.

It should be possible to bring the rtVAX300 up with very little work. It
contains the following parts:

- CVAX: Support for this processor exists.
- SGEC: Support for this ethernet controller exists.
- EPROM containing console code. It is capable of booting over the
  ethernet; I used to boot VAXeln that way when we were manufacturing
  the prototype run to verify the module was operational.
- Console serial interface. This is a Signetics 2650. I don't know if 
  this is supported. Everything I know details about uses a DZ with
  one of the ports acting as the console. Someone more knowledgeable
  will have to talk about that.

It should just be a matter of getting a system in the hands of someone
capable of doing the work. I don't have a full system; all I have is a
leftover processor from the prototype manufacturing run. And I don't know
enough about NetBSD's internals to do the work, anyway; I've run it on
plenty of machines, but haven't played with internals beyond tweaking a couple 
of drivers for (say) the odd SCSI device that takes a _really_ long time
to come on line after a bus reset.
Roger Ivie