Subject: microvax 3100 (10e? 20e?) 1.5.3 kernel needed
To: None <>
From: Jonathan Towne <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/12/2002 16:35:28
as noted in the subject, I need a stripped-down kernel compiled
to get my vax working, it only has 4meg of RAM, and this seems
to pose a problem, as I can't even get a netboot-install running.

the only version I can really do all of this with that I've tried
is 1.3.2, now, in reality, I don't mind running 1.3.2, but it
would be nice to use 1.5.3 instead, the 1.6 MOP loader seems
just plain broken, if anyone is interested, say so and I'll try
it again and paste the errors in another thread.

regardless, if anyone can do this for me, I could probably supply
a kernel config file for the machine.. (having never done this
for a vax ...) and we'll see if it works (?);

alternatively, if anyone could give an explanation, in great
detail, how I would cross-compile a vax kernel on my 1.5.3
sparc (ss2) machine.. another interesting thing I'd like to
learn to do, but maybe another day.

to the kind soul who helps me get the vax running, i will be 
eternally grateful ;)

thank you..
- Jonathan Towne