Subject: Re: rtVAX
From: Roger Ivie <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/12/2002 00:05:53
Greg C. Levine said:
> A good many years ago, DEC released the rtVAX platform. It was a VAX
> processor mounted on a VME bus board, with the necessary ICs to allow
> the processor to work within this environment. Has anyone ever gotten
> NetBSD/vax on that platform? And if they do, and they have not, and
> actually have one or more in stock, would they be willing to swap it or
> them, for any PC style hardware that they need, and that I have here, in
> stock? Please make such requests off list.=20

The rtVAX should not be confused with the VME board that carried it.

The rtVAX300 was an integrated module containing CVAX, SGEC, and
a console ROM. It was sold for OEM use in constructing various things.
One application was the VMEbus board of which you speak. The application
with which I am familiear was the rtVAX300 testboard, which was also
used by DEC as a design example.

The documentation supplied with the rtVAX300 was very good; it has the
best explanation of the CVAX pin-bus that I've seen.

I have a couple of copies of the rtVAX300 manual somewhere, at least one
rtVAX300 prototype, and a couple of rtVAX400 prototypes. The rtVAX400
was an intended followon using the SOC processor, SGEC, and SSC support
chip. There was a gate array for the various bits of glue involved, but
there was a fatal bug in the gate array that (AFAIK) was never fixed.

Roger Ivie