Subject: RE: Anyone got a spare ram board for an MV3100 (slightchange)
To: Hugo Villeneuve <>
From: Antonio Carlini <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/08/2002 01:57:05
>Yeah, sorry about that. Bad rounding on my part there. Most probably
>20e model.

The Model 20[e] case has two levels for mounting disks
internally, the Model 10[e] enclosure has only one.

>But the VAX hardware reference is really bizare when it comes
>half of them are in metric and the other half in inches.

I know that I supplied at least some of those. In which case
they almost certainly came from some DEC publication or

In the case of the M10/M20 enclosures, the manual in question is
"MicroVAX 3100 and VAXserver 3100 Owner's Manual. EK-A0371-OM.002"

>And then, many of the metric mesurements use a precision of 0.01
>cm.  That's crazy. No standard rule has that kind of precision. It
>would be like mesuring with 1/256 of a inch precision (1/32 divided
>by 8).

I agree - but I try to record information exactly as supplied. I=20
expect that the original measurements were in imperial units
to the nearest 1/8" or so and someone simply multiplied
by 25.4 to produce mm and decided not to round. For all I know,
there may have been a DEC standard for measurements and conversions!