Subject: RE: CXY08
To: Lord Isildur <>
From: Antonio Carlini <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/07/2002 13:58:06
>Is there any major difference between a CXY08 and a DHV11? I have been=20

A CXY08 can be operated in either DHV11 or DHU11 mode. Preferred mode,
according to the user guide, is DH*U*11. Maybe yours is set that way?

Switchpack E36 (10 switches, on the left when handles are "up") should
have switch 1 ON for DHV11 mode. For switchpack E38 (8 switches) a
vector of 300(octal) has switches 4 & 5 on. Switch 1 must be ON,
switch 2 must be OFF.

>'problematic' system is a BA213 s-box (independent of this, ive decided

>that s-box power supplies suck.), KFQSA & RF72, KA650, 16MB, DELQA, and

Never had a problem with those PSUs. YMMV (obviously!).

>so, i suspect that the real culprit is that the CXY08 is _not_
identical to the DHV11 after all.=20
>Anybody know for sure, and also know if there's a=20
>way around this?=20

A *quick* skim through the user guide didn't yield anything useful.
The DHV11 tech manual can be found here
I cannot find the CXY08 manual anywhere right now.