Subject: CXY08
To: NetBSD/vax <>
From: Lord Isildur <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/07/2002 16:31:12
Is there any major difference between a CXY08 and a DHV11? I have been 
trying to set up essentially a terminal server using NetBSD/VAX and a large
quantity of CXY08 and CXA16 boards, with zero luck so far. I tried 
two versions of NetBSD with identical results. Even more oddly, when I tried
the second configuration, i did the installation on a different box (both 
are ka650 machines with MSCP disks and a delqa, no other hardware) which 
had instead of a CXY08 (i'll try getting one card working first, then add 
more in), a DHV11, everything worked perfectly. 
The details. 'working' system is a BA123, KA650, 16MB, DELQA, DHV11, and 
CMD scsi. 
'problematic' system is a BA213 s-box (independent of this, ive decided 
that s-box power supplies suck.), KFQSA & RF72, KA650, 16MB, DELQA, and 
I'm trying to make a setup where there is for every line, a screen 
session running with kermit running in it on the line, permanently 
connected. Users can ssh into the box and resume a screen session, and thus
access the serial consoles of many other machines in the machine room. 
The vax having an essentially limitless number of serial ports, this is 
the best machine to try this with. The problem is that _no_ version of 
kermit, tip, or cu will work right on the problematic machine.. bits dont 
move on the wire, and when one goes to exit kermit, it can never hang up the
line or close it, and the kermit processes are essentially hung and 
oftentimes can't be killed. This is even the case when dumping/restoring 
the working install from machine #1 onto machine #2. 
so, i suspect that the real culprit is that the CXY08 is _not_ identical
to the DHV11 after all. Anybody know for sure, and also know if there's a 
way around this? 

happy hacking,