Subject: Some MicroVAX II docs available
To: NetBSD Vax Mailing list <>
From: Chris Wareham <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/06/2002 10:20:51
My employers are having a big clear out, and amongst various DEC stuff
there's some MicroVAX II documentation. I don't know where the machine
itself has gone (probably abandoned at the customer facility it was
installed in), so it's of little use to me. The documentation is in a
single DEC binder and accompanying box. The part numbers and titles are:

  EKO07AAIN 001 MVII 630QB Installation
  EKO08OOAM 001 MVII 630QB Operation
  EKO09AASG 001 MVII 630QB Troubleshooting
  EKO10AAIS 001 MVII 630QB Technical info
  EKO26AASV 001 MV Services
  EKO67AAPG 001 Micro systems site prep guide
  EKO97AATS 001 MV Cover & tab set

If they're of any use to someone, then they can have them for the cost
of postage. I also have a Plessey tape drive and dual DEC floppy drive
mounted in a custom made 19" rack cabinet. The case was built to
complement a (long gone) PDP11 that was once in the same cabinet. The
thing weighs a lot, and measures 80x60x70 cms. Again, if it's of any use
to anyone then it's free - I guess it would be of use to a PDP11 or
rackmounted Vaxen owner. It's located in Milton Keynes in the United
Kingdom, and would need collection, as it's virtually unshippable given
the weight!

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