Subject: Re: Vaxstation 4000/90 keyboard
To: Dan Williams <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/30/2002 12:36:47
On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 10:22:52AM +0100, Dan Williams wrote:

> I have been offered for sale an old sun monitor with 13w3 connectors, 
This may work with your VAXstation or not, depending on the age /
model of the monitor. If it is a Sony OEM there may be the
Sony model designator still printed on the sticker at the back
of the monitor. If you have this information you can look at if this monitor supports the 
VAXstation video timing (1280x1024@75Hz)

> If I where to use this monitor is it possible to use any other 
> keyboard / mouse with the vaxstation or is it just DEC made stuff.
DEC stuff. You need a LK401 (LK201 may work also) and a VSXXX mouse.
These are DEC standard items. I.e. you can use a keyboard from a
VT[234]xx terminal, keyboard / mouse from any VAX- or DECstation.