Subject: Re: Vax 4000/200 Tech Questions
To: M J Dowden <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/28/2002 17:52:01
On April 28, M J Dowden wrote:
> >   This thing will draw nowhere near 11A...this is typical the DEC
> >overspec dance.  Mine draws like 3A peak.  But anyway, that power
> >connector is a high-current IEC that is used on lots of
> >things...smaller VAXen, big Cisco routers, stuff like that.  There's
> >an even beefier one, square with three parallel blade pins, that is
> >used on SGI Challenge and Onyx deskside cabinets.  They're the same
> >family as the ordinary power cables that everything else uses, just
> >beefier.  They shouldn't be too difficult to find.
>      This is true, but the plug has a notch in it (at least the one on 
> my 4000/300 does). It would be best to find an exact replacement, but 
> some people have taken well-made regular cords and made a notch in 
> them. I ASSUME that there were no problems (or we would have read 
> about it).

  Umm, yes, perhaps I wasn't clear above...The IEC power cables that
most things use are the low-current ones, the power connectors on
4000-200 and similar machines are similar but have a notch in the top
and are the medium-current ones, and the big square connectors are the
high-current ones.  This is an IEC standard...any cable with a notch
in the top *is* an exact replacement.


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