Subject: Re: VT420 and VAXstation 4000/90
To: None <>
From: Henry R. Bent <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/27/2002 20:59:06
Collin Baillie wrote:
> I have a VT420 hooked up to an AlphaServer 2100 here at home. One thing that
> had me stumped forever was the RS-232 -RS-432 setting. RS-232 didn't work. I
> deperately tried the 432 setting and it worked.
> Maybe try this, and see if it helps?

Actually, I don't have that setting.  For whatever reason this VT420 has a
plastic cover where the RS232 jack should be.  For the curious this model is a

And in reference to the email about session switching, I have sessions
disabled.  I have "S1 = Comm1" selected in the global settings.  If I hit F4
it just double-beeps at me.

Henry Bent             
Want the Stars Productions