Subject: Re: Pdp-11 Revisited
To: joseph p bennardo <>
From: Lord Isildur <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/26/2002 18:07:22
wow. well, i commend you on the effort, and it is good that the museum 
got one at least! 
heh, i wonder how much stuff is sitting in CMU's off-campus long term 
warehouse.. all the stuff bought on government grants goes there to die.. 
when they 'destroy' these machines, i take it theyll be disposing of them 
to someone who will certify that the machines were actually destroyed, 
and not just scrapped or thrown into a landfill or sold to a recycler, right?
or will they just go down to a loading dock and wait for the next refuse 
service? i've salvaged a couple machines from loading docks in this 
manner, waiting to be trashed.. 
anyway, its a bummer to see stuff like this meet such an end.. 
a grand for one of them and you still couldnt do it? those guys must 
be serious about it!

well, good work on the one to the museum! 
happy hacking,

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, joseph p bennardo wrote:

> Let me repeat to all the statement that ruffled a few fethers the last
> time. The best I can do is get one or two dontated to a museum. That
> person has already contacted me. Nobody else will be getting them for
> shipping costs. No fictitous non-profit organizations, ect. Heck,
> somebody offered me $1000 for a 11/45 and still the answer is no. No can
> do, wish I could. I could make a nice profit for my trouble. But sticking
> my neck out will for sure get it cut off. Helping out a museum was the
> best I could do. 
> For those who claimed I was in this for the money.......How's that for
> proof otherwise?
> Joe Bennardo
> PS If anybody can donate a video card for a 4000/90 let me know...I'm in
> need of one.
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