Subject: Upgrading a 4000/200
To: None <>
From: Henry R. Bent <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/24/2002 13:21:30
Hi all,

I'm going on a trek this weekend to pick up a VAX 4000/200.  It's in a BA440
enclosure with a TK70, 2 DSSI drives, and I believe some sort of graphics
option.  Of course I'd like to get NetBSD on it, but I'll need some sort of
Qbus SCSI adapter, right?  Aside from netbooting and NFS-mounting, of course.

My main question, though, is about upgradeability.  The /200 is somewhat
limited in its speed compared to other 4000 series systems, and I'd ideally
like to upgrade the machine to a /300 or /500.  Compaq claims (at that this
system is non-upgradeable.  However, my guess is that this info is based on a
/200 in a BA213 rather than a BA440.  So would it be possible to swap the
processor board with one from a /300 or /500 to achieve a faster machine?  My
apologies if this is an obvious question, but I'm pretty new to the world of
VAXen, having just come from experience with DECstations.

Thanks in advance!

Henry Bent             
Want the Stars Productions