Subject: Re: VAXstation 3520
To: Jason Dunn <>
From: Doug Mallory <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/23/2002 10:11:02
Jason Dunn wrote:

> I tried pushing the button, but the light stays on.  I also tried cycling
> the power a few times with the same results.
> Jason
> At 10:43 AM 4/15/2002 +1000, Collin Baillie wrote:
> >Jason,
> >
> > >From what a friend has told me, some of the old vaxen have a push on/push
> >off halt button. If the light is on, on the halt button I'd say this is
> >likely your cause. Try pushing the halt button and seeing if the light goes
> >out. If so, try rebooting and see what happens :)
> >
> >Collin

If you have all lights on and an F on the display, chances are the power ok
signal is low.
Check the voltages from the supplies, maybe you will find the reason.