Subject: RE: VaxStation 3100 m38
To: Jochen Kunz" , "Erik Smit <>
From: Luke Brennan <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/16/2002 09:17:06
Urm.. After 20 years lightly fiddling with everything from RSTS/E to =
MUNGI, could I ask why Linux is so flawed?
Not wanting a war, just some points where it doesn't measure-up compared =
to *BSD's ?
I want/intend my uVAX to have VMS, NetBSD and yes, Linux if it boots - =
just so that it can.


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From: Jochen Kunz []=20
Sent: Tuesday, 16 April 2002 4:20 AM
To: Erik Smit
Subject: Re: VaxStation 3100 m38

On 2002.04.15 12:39 Erik Smit wrote:

\begin{just an other BSD <=3D> Linux war}
> > Why on Earth would you want to run Linux on a VAX?
> Most likely for the same reason I installed NetBSD, fun/learning. :)
1. I doubt that you can learn anything good from Linux.=20
2. Please do not insult this precious hardwape with that PeeCeeish Linux =
If you want to learn Linux specific things get a PeeCee.=20
If you want to learn somthing about Unix in general stay with NetBSD. I =
call NetBSD my personal Unix reference implementation. It is simple, =
pure, well designed, consistent and orthogonal.=20
Yes, I don't like Linux (and the distributions on top of it). ;-)=20
\end{just an other BSD <=3D> Linux war}=20