Subject: Re: VaxStation 3100 m38
To: Erik Smit <>
From: Sridhar the POWERful <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/15/2002 07:15:08
On 15 Apr 2002, Erik Smit wrote:

> > Do you have plans for your VaxStation Erik?
> Not yet, I'm putting it aside a little bit until I can find time to get
> Linux working on it. They've already gotten it to boot but there isn't
> any shared library support for it yet.

Why on Earth would you want to run Linux on a VAX?

> Also, IMHO the harddrives make a little bit too much noise but it
> doesn't support non-DEC drives (by default?), any way to make'm work
> with non-DEC drives? Or a way to keep the noise of the RZ26B drives
> down a bit?

Not true.  It'll support any narrow SCSI drive.  I can't remember if there
is a boot partition size limitation or anything like that, but I doubt it.

Peace...  Sridhar