Subject: uVAX-II doesn't work without RQDX???
To: None <>
From: Gunther Schadow <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/14/2002 00:28:49
Hi, I am being a little bit unlucky with my BA23 uVAX-II. I have
a KFQSA and a KDA50 and I do have an MFM drive (Micropolis, can't
seem to figure out the type) but

(a) the Micropolis MFM drive isn't detected at all though it was
   supposed to be a good drive coming from a Sun. I do have the
   uVAX diagnostics and could format the drive if only it were
   detected by the RQDX3. Could someone hint me on the jumpers?
   How do I find out what type of drive that is?

(b) frustrated I ripped out the RQDX3 board set alltogether and
   left only the KFQSA and/or the KDB50. But nothing would work
   without the RQXD card. Is the RQXD card needed?

(c) who knows how exactly to set up the KFQSA? There are so
   many things to switch and screw and I have zero documentation.
   I would like to put it into a state in which it can use one
   RF73 drive connected to it without and DSSI node id (remember,
   this is the small BA23 cabinet that has room for only two
   drives, and I would choose the DSSI drive and a TK50.

(d) this small Q-bus is a real pain. I already destroyed the
   8-line serial card (one bulky box-shaped component from the
   rear broke off, is that a capacitor?)

I now have 16 MB of RAM for it and hope that I could run it
with DSSI and KDB50 only, never having to squeeze boards in
and out of those narrow slots again.


Gunther Schadow, M.D., Ph.D.          
Medical Information Scientist      Regenstrief Institute for Health Care
Adjunct Assistant Professor        Indiana University School of Medicine