Subject: Re: Simh...
To: J. Buck Caldwell <>
From: Matthias Buelow <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/05/2002 04:24:23
"J. Buck Caldwell" <> writes:

>OK - for the several who have asked/pointed out - No, I have not tried under
>cygwin - I wanted to avoid installing that just to build one app (last time I
>tried, it brought the machine involved to it's knees). Another kind gent

If you dislike Cygwin, there's also AT&T "U/Win", which (imho)
integrates quite well into WinNT/2K and also works in some kind
of degraded mode in Win95/98 (no owner/group/permissions on file-
systems etc.).  I always install it if I have to work on some
kind of Windows machine since it makes like a difference between
night and day.  It supports the MSFT compilers as "cc" and also
gcc (there's a gcc package for it available).
It's available for free for educational/non-commercial use but
afaik costs something for commercial use and since I'm not going
to advertise a potentially commercial product too directly on this
mailing list I won't provide an URL but it's easy to google for.
I've been able to compile about all Unixish software I wanted on
it in the past, maybe simh also runs quite well on it (it's more
like the Linux emulation on NetBSD and doesn't seem to have any
noticably run-time performance penalty, except that it can also
link against Win32-only native dlls.)