Subject: Re: DEC swap meet?(RE: Off Topic? PDP 11 1134/1145's)
To: None <>
From: Michael Thompson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/03/2002 12:57:46
Why don't you all come to the RCS/RI open house in Providence, RI on April

The project of the day is to rack mount an 11/34a that I donated and
recently got running. There is an ancient tape controller and a RK05
controller in the 11/34a. There are a bunch of RK05 drives that need to be
checked out and mounted in the rack. The TE16? tape drive needs to be
mounted in the rack and cabled.

We need to try an 11/40 that is inside a DEC-10 2065. It has not been
powered on for many years.

We need to install 2.11 BSD UNIX installed on a RL02 on an 11/44.

We need to try a KLESI-U board in the 11/44 or the 11/750 so we can try out
the TU81.

We need to try the 11/40 CPU that is in the DEC-10 1090. It was under DEC
maintenance so it should fire right up.

Lots of toys, too little time.

At 11:45 AM 4/3/02 -0500, John Wilson wrote:
>From: "John Allain" <>
>>> Maybe we can get something going up here in New Haven, CT?
>>I'm all for something like this.  NYC/Boston is my route, so New
>>Haven is right on it.  I've driven as far as Rochester (350?mi) for
>>such purposes.  Washington, DC would be in my range.
>>Maynard, MA would be a neat choice for historic reasons.
>Sounds good to me too, I'm near Springfield MA so I can hit anywhere in
>NE easily, or eastern NY.
>John Wilson
>D Bit

Michael Thompson