Subject: Re: Off Topic? PDP 11 1134/1145's
To: None <>
From: Joseph P Bennardo <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/03/2002 08:42:38

   I'll be honest enough to put confirm your suspicions.

> I'm not sure I share the full sentiment. He says "fair price", which 
> to me
> means that he'd rather sell it for more money to someone who really 
> don't
> care about preserving a functional system and sharing and helping 
> other
> people. At the same time, he's trying to use our knowledge for free 
> to get
> an assessment about how much he can make from salvaging the scraps.

That's funny, I thought that's how the world works? When I asked for help
in my search for a vaxstation 4000/90 or 96 I got for sale messages, not
offers to give me one for shipping costs. When I asked for help finding a
w3w to BNC connector, peopel offered them to me, but not for shipping and
handling only. When I asked about Sync on Green monitors...well, same
story. I have yet to have ANYTHING offered up for free out of the
goodness of anybody's heart. I see nothing wrong with their help though.
They got me what I wanted for FAR less than I would have payed form a
company, so I was happy they helped. I'm returning the favor.

> So, in my book, he might be someone doing things I really dislike.
> But until I really know what he's asking, I'll reserve judgement.

Feel as you must friend, but at least you can't say I'm trying to snow
> Yup. And he can start paying me my consultant fee for every question 
> that
> I answer (I normally do get payed for answering questions and 
> helping
> people solve problems with computers).

Seems like there are many people here who are willing to help despite my
intentions. Feel free not to help me anymore. I wouldn't want to you to
help for free if that bothers you. I thought that's what most of you were
here for.
> My view is that of course people should get back whatever expenses 
> they have, and a margin on that as well. 

I've already said that if I can (It's not looking good BTW) I'd donate a
full machine before I asked for ANY money for it. I like the idea of some
of these computers being in a museum. One yes, 10 definately not. My time
and effort and convincing the owners is worth money. Geez I'm not looking
to retire on what I make. 

Does it help you if I say I am motivated by my own adictions to make a
bit of cash? My two cars that I consider collectable are valueless and
not very desirable to most. They are gold to me though and I'd pay to
keep them alive and running and I do. This is not so different of a case.
I pay for parts for the love of the car, just like you do with your toys
and your Hobby.

I run a mailing list for my favorite car. 6 years of service and I make
no money and I help hundreds of people every day. Maybe I should start
charging for the service too or the free advice I give out even when they
are asking "How much is it worth" or say "I'd like it to go to a good
home, please make a reasonable offer"

I hope most respect my viewpoint, those who don't feel free to contact me
off list.

Joe Bennardo

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