Subject: Re: Off Topic? PDP 11 1134/1145's
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From: Robert Schaefer <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/02/2002 19:50:43
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Subject: Re: Off Topic? PDP 11 1134/1145's

> On Tue, Apr 02, 2002 at 12:26:23PM -0800, Lyle Bickley wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > May I make another suggestion?  A bunch of us here in the Silicon Valley
> > fans of old DEC equipment.  We get 'em and restore 'em.  Some favor PDPs
> > guy even has two DEC 10's), some favor the smaller 11's and others of us
> > old VAXes.  At any rate, we meet once a month for lunch and swap
> > tell what stuff we've picked up, etc.  All of us are willing to trade
> > equipment or donate books and equipment to each other.  We studiously
> > EBAY.
> so who's on the east coast that would like to do this?  i'm in philly, and
> know isildur is in pittsburg.  don't know where we would want to meet
> since some people would have to travel far for that.  thoughts?  ideas?

I'm making a trek to New York via PA (Hi Brian!) around the end of this
month, so I can get them as far west as Columbus Ohio, if you promise my
wife that I won't get to keep any of them.  :)

> > I am NOT trying to start a flame war - just present an alternate view.
> > glad Joe has expressed a willingness to try to get his hands on the
> >  I hope he can find other DEC fans he can donate them to.
> it costs a lot of money just to run these things, and unfortunatly that
> my ability to spend a lot of money on the hardware in the first place.
> more DEC bits that can be salvaged for the hobbyist for the price of
> or pickup, the better off we all are.
> -brian


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