Subject: Re: Off Topic? PDP 11 1134/1145's
To: joseph p bennardo <>
From: Lyle Bickley <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/02/2002 12:26:23

In another EMAIL, someone suggested that these could be sold on EBAY for $$$. 
May I make another suggestion?  A bunch of us here in the Silicon Valley are 
fans of old DEC equipment.  We get 'em and restore 'em.  Some favor PDPs (one 
guy even has two DEC 10's), some favor the smaller 11's and others of us like 
old VAXes.  At any rate, we meet once a month for lunch and swap stories, 
tell what stuff we've picked up, etc.  All of us are willing to trade 
equipment or donate books and equipment to each other.  We studiously avoid 

I tend to think of it as Open Source thinking verses Microsoft thinking :-)

I am NOT trying to start a flame war - just present an alternate view.  I'm 
glad Joe has expressed a willingness to try to get his hands on the PDP-11's. 
 I hope he can find other DEC fans he can donate them to.


On Tuesday 02 April 2002 11:26, joseph p bennardo wrote:
> All,
>     I have access to about 10 Dec PDP 11s that are about to be retired. I
> will not be able to get the cabinets that they are in, but I might be
> able to get the guts. Should I bother? Would anybody be interested. Your
> opinions please.
> Joe Bennardo
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