Subject: FREE: uVax-II near Wash., DC/Northern VA
To: None <>
From: Jonathan Sturges <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/29/2002 19:22:05
Hello list,
It's time for me to say good-bye to my trusty MicroVAX-II.  It isn't
getting its due attention from me, plus it seems a little large for my
townhouse, given the other "hardware creep" going on around it.
Many thanks to all who've helped me get NetBSD running on this thing
over the years, especially Dave McGuire.

I offer, for free, the following items, with these provisions:
1)  You must pick up the equipment (I can help you, if you can get w/i
50 miles or so of Wash., DC.).  Everything will fit nicely in even a
small car's trunk.  [Dave, I know you're not in the area anymore, but 
you get first dibs if ya want it.  :) ]
2)  You must take everything together.  I don't want to part anything out.

Included items:
*  1 MicroVAX-II in free-standing vertical case (I don't remember what
case that is?  BA-??).  Options:
		*  1 TK50
		*  1 RD54
		*  1 DELQA
		*  9MB total memory (historical note:  there is a
		quad-height 4MB RAM card made by EMC in there!)
		*  1 DHV-11 (but see note below)
		*  Console serial cable (BCC08)
*  Extra RD54
*  Other 4-port serial card (don't remember model).  This card has a
panel kit with it, the DHV-11 does not.  You will have to find or make a
panel kit to use all ports on this card plus DHV-11...
*  "Customer Hardware Information" and "Hardware Information" manuals
*  Customer Field Diagnostic tape on TK50 media
*  miscellaneous TK50's, some might contain old NetBSD dumps and/or boot
*  HISTORICAL NOTE:  I also have 2 Ultrix 3.3 dump tapes (but no boot
media).  Apparently, this machine used to be "", running
Ultrix, in the late '80s.  This pre-dates my use of the Internet, but
for Internet history buffs, this is kinda neat.  IIRC from when Dave
McGuire and I restored the Ultrix system in 1994, there's a *huge* hosts
file on that thing... I guess it pre-dates DNS, or at least widespread
DNS use?

I've freshly loaded NetBSD 1.5.2 (release) on the internal RD54 and just
re-formatted the spare.

Contact me via e-mail if there are any takers.