Subject: Re: HELP! RA81 power sequencing jumper, where the heck is that?
To: Gunther Schadow <>
From: Tom Parker <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/23/2002 23:04:24
Gunther Schadow <> wrote:

>Johnny Billquist wrote:

>Ahhrgh! Well, thanks for letting me know. I knew about the power
>sequencing chain and the cables and stuff, but where the heck should
>one get those jumpers from? I was hoping there was some jumper of
>dip-switch on the inside that would let me override this. May be
>I should cut one of the cable that I do have and just cut the two
>wires short?

My RA81 stopped working a while ago... Reading this I wondered if I had
the sequencing jumper in wrong (until now I didn't know what they did). It
turns out that mine wasn't plugged all the way in. Now I can try and get it
recognised by NetBSD :-)

Anyway, the "start jumper" just shorts two of the 4 pins together, so I
imagine you could do something with a bit of wire in the socket.

  -    one notch on it's own
 . .
| . |  two notches close together
\   /

The dots represent the pins, the lines represent notches cut into the inside
diamater of the plug body, corresponding to ridges on the plastic inner
part of the socket on the drive.

On my drive the socket has the single notch on it's own at the top and the
plug joins the pin at 9pm to the one at 6pm as viewed looking into the socket
from behind the drive.

Tom Parker -