Subject: Re: VAX 6460 being slow, IO bottlenecks and SMP woes ...
To: , <>
From: Eric Smith <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/20/2002 23:43:17
> It wasn't. It does thing that today's desktops can't do. When is the
> last time you got 99.999% uptime out of a PC?

Not counting an eight-hour power failure, one of my PC-based servers
has had under two minutes of unscheduled downtime in seven years of
24x7 operation.  That's better than 99.9999%.

Of course, it's not running Windows.

If I were running a mission-critical application, it would be easy
enough to outfit it with a backup generator so that even the whims
of PG&E wouldn't cause me grief.  But the downtime due to PG&E
problems is certainly not the fault of the PC, and would have bit
me even if I'd been running a "real computer".

> Even though the
> theoretical  bandwidth of the PCI bus was 120+ MB/sec systems rarely
> achieved > 1 - 2  MB/sec sustained throughput.

I don't know what systems those were, but my first 486 PCI system
routinely got sustained PCI throughput of over 15 MB/second, between
disk, ethernet, and display.

Even many ISA bus systems could sustain over 4 MB/second.