Subject: Re: VAX 6460 being slow, IO bottlenecks and SMP woes ...
To: Paul Thompson <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/20/2002 21:45:33
On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 08:41:59PM -0600, Paul Thompson wrote:
> Does your i486 feature long ribbon cable to dual ported IDE drives to
> support its clustering?  If not, perhaps you were paying for features
> other than speed, ones that Ultrix took less advantage of than VMS.

mmmm.  VMS.  see, now that is the operating system that is meant to run on
that machine.  match VMS on the 6000 vs BSD/i386 (or whatever) on the 486.
then you will see the real difference. ;)

and then throw in clustering just to show off exactly what the 486 can't do. :)


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