Subject: Sync on Green Monitors
To: None <>
From: joseph p bennardo <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/20/2002 14:47:29

   After getting a w3w to bnc cable from another member of the list
(Thanks William), I am now on the hunt for a sync on green monitor. At
one time I had a few of them laying around the office, of course now that
i need them they are gone. So, it's off to e-bay I go. Seems there are
lots of monitors that claim to be sync on green. Are there some monitors
that have an auto switching feature for sync on green or should it have
an external switch. I'm not sure what to look for and I'm sure somebody
here has done this before.

Joe Bennardo
Capri-list Moderator
76 Capri II "Retro Rocket"
88 Shelby CSX-T

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