Subject: Re: help please, tqk70 not appearing on qbus
To: Jan Gray <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/16/2002 23:09:39
At 02:34 PM 3/16/02 -0800, Jan Gray wrote:
>With the CQD223 SCSI controller board installed, show qbus finds both
>its disk and its tape CSRs, but not the TQK70.


>Removing the CXY08 and the CQD223 board and moving the TQK70 to slot 5
>(AB) doesn't help.  No TQK70.

This suggests that you've got the TQK70 configured incorrectly.

Now you know that you can only plug dual wide cards into the top two 
connectors of the BA213 right? The entire backplane is Q/CD.

The second thing is this, when you power on the system does the TK70 go 
through its paces, eventually giving a double beep and the green 'operate 
lever' light goes on?

The third thing is of course setting the TQK70. When you plug in the CMD 
and pull the TQK70, how many tape devices is the CQD emulating? If its more 
than 0 then consider turning off TMSCP emulation (unless you've got a SCSI 
tape drive that you are using) and using the TQK70 instead.

>Does anyone have any ideas?  Is there some jumper that entirely disables
>the TQK70?  Doubtful. Perhaps this board is dead.  I don't think the
>previous owner was using the TK70, rather an external SCSI tape drive.

If its at the wrong floating CSR you'll never see it. What has probably 
happened is the previous owner had a SCSI tape, it was setup on the CMD as 
MUA0 and then the TQK70 as MUB0, the TQK isn't being seen because you don't 
have a tape connected to the CQD-223.

>Can I probe the CSR address from the console?  What would I deposit and
>examine and what should I look for?

Well SHOW QBUS will show you ever CSR that is answering ...

>I am also suspicious that (during an early disassembly, move,
>reassembly) I may have strained the cable/header that connects the TQK70
>to the TK70 drive.  But even if there is no cable plugged in, shouldn't
>the TQK70's control regs show up with "show qbus"?

SHO dev
Will show it as UQSSP Tape Controller 1 (or 2, or 3, etc) and if the cable 
it dislodged it won't show a tape attached.

>Other observations: There are two red LEDs on the TQK70 board,
>underneath the cable connector.  The top LED stays off; the bottom LED
>is on.  And on power up (whether the cable from the TQK70 is connected
>or not), on the TK70, the yellow "tape in use" light flashes about a
>dozen times and then is replaced by the green "operator handle" light.

Then the TK70 drive itself is ok.