Subject: help please, tqk70 not appearing on qbus
To: None <>
From: Jan Gray <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/16/2002 14:34:47
I now have a MicroVAX 3400 in a BA213.  Besides the KA640 and 3 8 MB ram
boards, it has (in slots 5,6,7) a CXY08, a TQK70, and a CMD CQD223/TM.
It also has a DSSI disk, an external SCSI disk, and a TK70 tape drive.

I installed NetBSD 1.5.2 on the external SCSI disk, and all seemed well.
Relatively slow, but good!

Here's my newbie problem: I just received a couple of Compactape IIs and
I wanted to take the TK70 for a spin.  However, I discovered that the
TQK70 tape controller is not discovered by NetBSD.  No mtc0, no mt0.  In
fact, in the VAX console, neither show qbus, show dev, nor show uqssp
finds the TQK70.

With the CQD223 SCSI controller board installed, show qbus finds both
its disk and its tape CSRs, but not the TQK70.

Removing the CXY08 and the CQD223 board and moving the TQK70 to slot 5
(AB) doesn't help.  No TQK70.

According to this article:, I correctly have my jumpers set for the default CSR at 17774500.
(I also checked that the MSCP and TMSCP regs for the CQD223 are not at
that address.)  The jumpers to the "northwest" of the CSR address
jumpers are all in the 1-2 position, not the 2-3 position.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Is there some jumper that entirely disables
the TQK70?  Doubtful. Perhaps this board is dead.  I don't think the
previous owner was using the TK70, rather an external SCSI tape drive.

Can I probe the CSR address from the console?  What would I deposit and
examine and what should I look for?

I am also suspicious that (during an early disassembly, move,
reassembly) I may have strained the cable/header that connects the TQK70
to the TK70 drive.  But even if there is no cable plugged in, shouldn't
the TQK70's control regs show up with "show qbus"?

Other observations: There are two red LEDs on the TQK70 board,
underneath the cable connector.  The top LED stays off; the bottom LED
is on.  And on power up (whether the cable from the TQK70 is connected
or not), on the TK70, the yellow "tape in use" light flashes about a
dozen times and then is replaced by the green "operator handle" light.

Thank you,

Jan Gray
Redmond, WA