Subject: cd_iso
To: None <>
From: nierveze <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/16/2002 10:01:08
Hello everyone,
Can someone explain me how to make a bootable cd (I mean bootable on a rrd42
cd rom of a microvax) from the iso image I downloaded from
netbsd.I tried ,I did not succed.
I downloaded the image sucessfully I think (no error message),
it took only two hours,for this I used a win98 pc,I used then a Traxdata
burner,with Nero mix,to put the file on a cdr ,the file is on the cd but
does not boot :
filestruct error ...
The rrd42 itself is ok,it works well on a vaxstation,it boots Vms.
I certainly missed something,help please.
Thanks very much.
Florence et Alain Nierveze
492 Allée Montesquieu
33290 Le Pian Medoc
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