Subject: Re: Using a PC monitor in place of DEC monochrome one
To: None <>
From: Eric Smith <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/12/2002 12:26:23
>  I'd love to see this device of yours.  I'm sure it's worthy of much
> drool. :)

It's an older Barco projector that I picked up for next to nothing when
the dot-bomb next door to my last employer had their bankruptcy auction.
It's not nearly as nice as the newer ones; it has a zillion pots for
adjusting the convergence and such, whereas the newer ones have digital
controls and some even have automatic convergence.  But for the price
I can't complain.  :-)

I haven't yet tried it with the VAXstation IIGPX.  It doesn't support
high enough resolution to work with the VAXstation 3520.