Subject: Re: X Servers
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/11/2002 19:44:28
> The only one missing is the QVSS (mono Qbus framebuffer).
> If someone actually has one, I suppose a WSDISPLAY type
> could be added for it.  But I'd like to see code for it
> first. :)  Note that all FBs need to have standard wscons
I have one (surprised? :-) The framebuffer is the same as the
vs3100 monochrome display (just a bitmapped display) and the HW
cursor logic. What's different is the non-DZ11 serial UARTs for

> GPX is used on Q-bus MicroVAXes with the QDSS (GPX) and
> the VS3100 (std color).  These use the Dragon chipset and
> the QDSS documentation cover this is great detail.  The
Not really, actually. The GPX uses a ramdac (BT458) while the
QDSS have some other special DMA logic. This makes the drivers
quite different with only the dragon code common. I wrote a 
dragon implementation and separate drivers for the qdss and the
ramdac some years ago, missing was the mouse/kbd support.
This is on the heap of not-yet-finished projects.

-- Ragge