Subject: Re: X servers / Re: VS4k90 PROM damage / Re: boot errors on VS4000
To: Jochen Kunz <>
From: Chris Wareham <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/11/2002 12:08:32
Jochen Kunz wrote:
> The wscons support for the mono framebuffer "smg" is in NetBSD
> since 1.5 release. From GENERIC:
> smg0            at vsbus0 csr 0x200f0000 # Small monochrome display ctlr.
> wsdisplay0      at smg0
> lkkbd0          at dz0 line 0
> wskbd*          at lkkbd? console ?
> lkms0           at dz0 line 1
> wsmouse*        at lkms?

I'll check my dmesg output tonight, and hopefully I'll see an smg0
line. To get any output I guess I have to flip the output switch,
which on my VS means unscrewing the back panel as there's no cutout
on the panel for it(!). Then I'll have to hope that the monitor I
acquired with the VS still works. Do you know if I need to do
anything else, or should NetBSD be able to determine that I'm
using graphic mode?

>>If I'm able to get it working, where do I get the "sort of
>>working" X server from?
> Look at the port-vax archive. There are / where two people working 
> on it independently.

I'll take a look at the archives on my lunchbreak.

>>I'm determined to learn the intricacies of NetBSD driver writing, so
>>this would be a great way to get my hands dirty. 
> This is what we all wanted to hear. ;-)

This will be my first attempt at anything this low level - I consider
myself a good C programmer, but all my experience is with application
level stuff. As a result I'll probably be posting regular questions to
the list ...

>>I'm also hoping to
>>get X support up and running for the Leo framebuffer, 
> Leo??? That nifty SBus thing?

It certainly is. I wanted a 24bit card to replace the TGX that my
SS5 came with, and a Leo was the only one I could find. I paid
500 pounds sterling for it, which I guess is quite a lot, but this
was from a reseller and before e-bay really took off! Linux supports
the Leo very well, so I suppose I could use that as a reference
along with the recent 24bit framebuffer work by Charles Carvalho.


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