Subject: Re: X servers / Re: VS4k90 PROM damage / Re: boot errors on VS4000
To: NetBSD Vax mailing list <>
From: Chris Wareham <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/11/2002 11:13:43
Jochen Kunz wrote:
> On 2002.03.11 05:19 Chuck McManis wrote:
>>This and the fact that there is no supported frame buffers for X
>>actually makes the "reality" that no VAX platform is fully supported
>>by NetBSD. Yes, its unfortunate.
> There is wscons for the smg mono frame buffers of VAXstations and a sort
> of workling X server. This is not working due to the usual problem: Lack
> of people with knowledge that can afford the time to complete it. 
> I am thinking about writing wscons support for the GPX, once I get the
> RX02 driver finished. I found the docs for the QBus board set. I did not
> have the time to look deeper into it. My main question is now how
> similar the QBus version is to the version found in the VS3100. Is there
> some doc especially for the VS3100 GPX?
> The SPX and VS4k frame buffers are a completely other thing. The reason
> why we have no support for them is simply that there is no doc for them
> available. (AFAIK)

What framebuffers do the early VS3100's have? I'm quite sure mine has
a mono framebuffer, in which case how do I compile the wscons support
for it? If I'm able to get it working, where do I get the "sort of
working" X server from?

I'm determined to learn the intricacies of NetBSD driver writing, so
this would be a great way to get my hands dirty. I'm also hoping to
get X support up and running for the Leo framebuffer, so hopefully
any experience I gather from doing that will prepare me for possible
hacking on the VS X server.


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