Subject: RE: VAX7000 3-phase
To: 'Eric Smith' <>
From: Carlini, Antonio <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/05/2002 13:42:28
> Eric Smith wrote:
	>I've only seen a 9000 once, but it didn't appear to be physically
	>larger than a 780 (double-wide CPU cabinet plus Unibus cabinet).

	I just went to check. The VAX 9000 Site Prep manual
	has a section entitled "Identifying Your System" ...
	good to see someone had  a sense of humour :-)

	Anyway, there are a bunch of configs:

	The VAX 9000-110/210 (low end ...) come in four cabs:

	SCU (system control unit), CPU (guess...), 
	IO (ditto) and UPC (utility port conditioner presumably
	regulates your input power).

	Another config (for the 110/210) uses IPFE (integrated
	power front end) in the IO cab and dispenses with the
	UPC ... so only 3 cabs needed.

	You can add an optional VAXBI cab to either of these configs.

	The 310/410 and 320/420 are:
		SCU, CPA (CPU A cab with 1 or 2 CPUs), IOA and UPC

	The 330/430 and 340/440 are:
		SCU, CPA, CPB (the other CPU(s) live here), 
	      IOA, IOB and *two* UPC cabs.

	I make about seven cabs. The manual
	suggests that you could add four more
	VAXBI cabs if you were so inclined.

	That's 5-1/2 VAX-11/780s with UNIBUS cabs apiece.

	The 9000 cabs are all 1520mm high, and 762mm deep.
	SCU+CPU+IO width is 2500mm,
	add a VAXBI cab and that becomes 3263mm. 

	Skip the VAXBI cab and you have a minimum config
	for a VAX 9000-110/210.

	3phase 208V supply for that minimum config
	pulls a typical 30A/phase - typical kVA is 10.4.

	Typical heat output is approx 8800W (max is 11530).

	Those of you living in chillier (and more spacious) climes,
	may wish to consider a VAX 9000-440.
	With the max. 4 optional cabs thats 7557mm of VAX,
	not too mention two UPCs at 1156mm apiece.

	Allow for 3641kg (more if you have the VAXBI cabs,
	they're not listed in the brief look I had!). Allow
	for 37.3A/phase (typical) ...

	The cabs need to be installed in a single straight
	line (apart form the UPCs). You also need 1210mm at each  
	end of the line and the same amout at the front and rear
	(apparently needed to replace the CPUs ... the mind
	truly boggles at this point).

	The best data for the VAX-11/780 I can find
	states: power 3-phase 6225W, 498kg, cab is
	762mm deep, 1537mm high and 1180mm wide.
	That's probably CPU cab only though.

	All in all, I think the VAX 9000 wins hands down -
	it must be one of the few VAXen that could fall
	on a 780 and kill it :-)