Subject: BTW, the VAX-7000 doesn't run any UNIX, Isildur
To: Lord Isildur <>
From: Gunther Schadow <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/03/2002 13:12:51
I just looked at your 7000 auction. It's a nice machine, I hope
everyone on this list is nice and doesn't outbit their friends
(the only reason why I submit bids early is to allow others here
the same kind of nicity :-).

But, since I know you are not a VMS guy, Isildur, be aware that
the 7000 doesn't run any UNIX: no ULTRIX, no NetBSD and I think
no OSF/1 or Digital UNIX, etc. And getting it there isn't easy
because it's XMI (well that's perhaps the easy part) but more it's
hybrid nature with the Alpha.

so, good luck.

"Star Wars: may the force  be with you!"
"BSD:       may the source be with you!"
"VMS:       may the frust  be with you!"

Gunther Schadow, M.D., Ph.D.          
Medical Information Scientist      Regenstrief Institute for Health Care
Adjunct Assistant Professor        Indiana University School of Medicine