Subject: Re: *DING* Unibus addressing - KZQSA SCSI adapter
To: Matthew Sell <>
From: Johnny Billquist <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/29/2001 14:18:03
On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, Matthew Sell wrote:

> You DEC old-timers out there will probably chuckle at my little 
> "discovery", but I'm posting my findings for us who are "DEC challenged"....

I'm chuckling...

> The problem turned out to be the address that the KZQSA was set to. It was 
> set to address 761400, and the 4000 was reporting the card to be a DEFQA, 
> which to even a DEC newbie as myself, was VERY wrong. A search through the 
> "VMS wizard" archives at turned up the statement that the KZQSA 
> was shipped with a default address of 761300.

I suspected as much, but I didn't have the expected address of a KZQSA at
hand, so I couldn't check.

> So I fiddled with the address jumpers and set it to 761300 and *voila*, the 
> 4000 found the KZQSA. I hooked the external SCSI enclosure to the card, and 
> it found the CD-ROM.
> It was able to boot VMS from the CD, and I'm on my way.


> Again, don't laugh too hard, I hope this message helps others who are 
> "Unibus Ignorant"....

*Ahem* The VAX4000-machines are just as Unibus ignorant as you are. They
have Q-bus. :-)
However, the addressing scheme DEC developed for autodetecting hardware on
the Unibus was carried over to the Q-bus as well.
And note that the KZQSA *might* be expected to live at another address if
you have certain other pieces of hardware in the system. :-)

I'm sure someone have the ruleset available online and can post an
URL. :-)


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