Subject: KZQSA and DEFQA questions.....
To: None <>
From: Matthew Sell <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/28/2001 09:16:16
I originally posted a question to Classic Computers regarding an issue with 
my VAX 4000-500A and the KZQSA SCSI adapter, but since then I've gathered a 
little more information, and this list seems like the more appropriate 
place to ask.....

I'm trying to install VMS (sorry guys, NetBSD going to another machine) on 
this 4000, and I have an RRD-43AA CD-ROM in an external SCSI enclosure 
connected to the 4000 via the KZQSA SCSI adapter. The problem I'm having is 
that the machine does not recognize any SCSI devices at boot time. I need 
to boot from the CD-ROM to start the VMS install process.

I'm seeing conflicting information around the 'net about the ability to 
boot from CD and tape devices attached to the KZQSA. Some say it can't be 
done, others say they have.

The interesting bit is that when I request a "SHOW QBUS" at the prompt, the 
first address listed is "DEFQA", with a range of addresses from 761400 to 
761476, 777500. Nowhere do I see "KZQSA" listed. If I remove the card and 
restart, "SHOW QBUS" lists nothing, which is correct since the KZQSA is the 
only QBUS card installed.

WTF?   : )

Why would the KZQSA be listed as a "DEFQA"? Wrong address configured on the 
card? Do I need to perform any configuration to let the 4000 know it has a 
KZQSA so that it can boot from SCSI devices attached to it? I fiddled with 
the "CONFIGURATION" command, but the options don't make sense at this time. 
Can't locate a manual, either....

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have. I'm just trying to get 
VMS installed on this machine - which has plenty of DSSI ports available - 
but only this KZQSA adapater which I can use to get VMS 6 installed from 

Thanks! This 4000 has me really excited. It's a cool machine.

         - Matt

Matthew Sell
On Time Support, Inc.
(281) 296-6066

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