Subject: Re: VAXstation 2000: the lost weekend
To: Jochen Kunz <>
From: Russell Pavlicek <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/11/2001 17:54:47
I ended up using a clean RD53, which unfortunately
doesn't allow me room to add the compilers.  Of
course, with a machine that would have trouble keeping
up with a fast 486, the compilers would have limited
use anyway.

I may have to see if I can resurrect a VS3100 buried
in the basement.  It's a rush to see this VS2000 back
in service, but a VS2000 with 6 MB of memory and 70 MB
of disk has pretty limited utility these days.

Thanks for the info,

-- Russ Pavlicek

--- Jochen Kunz <> wrote:
> On 2001.12.11 06:04 Russell Pavlicek wrote:
> > (once I isolate the darn bad blocks that
> > populate the RD54).
> AFAIK NetBSD has no bad block management. MFM disks
> in a NetBSDed VS2k
> have only one use: To load the kernel from it to
> proceed booting from a
> SCSI disk. Or, if you are in luck and own a EPROM
> burner, you can patch
> the bootrom to get SCSI boot support. 

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