Subject: Re: how many vaxen?
To: Dave McGuire <>
From: Russell Pavlicek <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/11/2001 05:08:37
Weird for a management rag?  Yes.

But then Carl Marbach and Dave Mallery were not your
standard publishing mogels.  Mallery was a techie, as
I recall.  DEC Professional had one or two articles
per issue that had DCL tricks, etc.  The rest was
big-picture stuff.  VAX Professional and RSTS
Professional, though, were hardcore techie stuff. 
Lots of code appeared in those pages.  I typed in
many, many programs from those pages.

Something in there once prompted me to implement
BAGELS (the classic 3-digit Mastermind-type program)
in TECO.  (What strange thoughts occupy the young! 

Ah, the memories...

-- Russ Pavlicek

--- Dave McGuire <> wrote:
> On December 10, Russell Pavlicek wrote:
> > A little ancient history...
> > 
> > DEC Professional was a management rag.  But VAX
> > Professional was a technical magazine which
> carried
> > lots of good stuff.  VAX Professional (and its
> > predecessor, RSTS Professional) was similar to
> Unix
> > Review.
>   Heh...I'm as far from management as you can get,
> and as I said, I got
> plenty of cool DCL tricks out of it; I had a
> subscription from the
> very first to the very last issue...pretty weird for
> a "management
> rag" don't you think? ;)
>     -Dave
> -- 
> Dave McGuire
> St. Petersburg, FL

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