Subject: Re: VAXstation 2000: the lost weekend
To: Russell Pavlicek <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/10/2001 21:09:34
On 2001.12.10 04:53 Russell Pavlicek wrote:

> (1) The boot kernel does not recognize the RD5x disks
> in the VS2000. 
The support fo the MFM controller in the VS2k and some VS3100 is often
broken. And, be honest, you really want to mount a SCSI disk in that
box. Unfortunately this means that you have to load the kernel via
network and than you can mount a local root-fs. (If you have an EPROM
burner you can patch the boot ROMs to get SCSI boot support.
Unfortunately the NetBSD bootloader does not support the VS2k SCSI

> Something should be said somewhere that there is no X server.
This is well knowen to the members of this list, so no need to write it
down. ;-)
I know that there is somewhere a more or less working Xserver for the
mono graphics of VAXstations. Unfortunately I don't know more about

> (3) disklabel acts like it writes the partition table
> when you do a "W", but when you quit and re-enter,
> nothing has changed. 
Did you use the "-r" option? Did you wrote an initial disklabel to the
Somthing like
disklabel sd0 > dl
disklabel -r -R sd0 dl
disklabel -r -i sd0
disklabel -B sd0
should do the job.