Subject: Re: MicroVAX 3100-30
To: Scott Barron <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/10/2001 12:35:37
The console should be the modular jack nearest to the side and it is
probably 9600, 8, no parity. I do not know by part number which if any of
the cables would connect to straight your serial port, but just connecting
the send and receive should work.

If nobody did some cludge in your extension box, the usual way is that
there is an un-terminated SCSI chain in it, so you need a terminator on one
of the connectors and connect the other to the Vax. You do not need to take
open it (if it works), if you have your console working, the Vax console at
the >>> sign can tell you what you have if you type sh conf or sh dev. If
your box tries to autoboot, you can use the button on the back to stop it.

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I was recently given a VAX described below and would like to get NetBSD
up and running on it.  Here is the description.  I have two desktop
style units, one is labelled MicroVAX 3100-30 and the other is a Storage
Expansion.  The MicroVAX unit has a tape drive on the front of the unit.
The back of the unit has a connector labelled A (the console?) and three
modular type jacks labelled 0 1 and 3.  All of these have labels with an
arrow pointing left over an arrow pointing right.  The jack labelled 2
appears to be a db25 connector.  Then there are the network interface
jacks and above that a scsi (I think) connector for the storage unit.
The storage unit has a model SZ12G-XA and has two connectors on the back
of it.  Does it matter which of these is connected to the main unit?

I don't have a terminal or keyboard but was told I could use a terminal
program and a serial cable to boot it.  Which connector on the unit do I
use for that, the db25 connector?  I have a whole sack of cables and
connectors that change from db25 type plugs to the modular jack type
plugs.  Some of these connectors have different model numbers like
H8571-F and H8571-A for example.

I haven't opened it yet to see what size hard disk is in there or what
other hardware might be in there.  Should I netboot this and mount
everything NFS or will I be able to install the base to the hard disk?
The guy that gave this to me reports to have had NetBSD running on it at
one time so I am hopefull this will work.