Subject: VAXStation 3100 cd-rom install problems
To: None <>
From: Stefan <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/09/2001 21:04:41
Hi there,

I just got a bootable cd from a colleague of mine who downloaded the 
multi-system iso file for me and put it on disk. So I thought I'd have a go 
and try to install it on my VAXStation 3100 using and external scsi cd-rom 
drive. Everything goes fine, boots from the cd-rom, get to set all the 
option for things like partitions and stuff, but when it tries to locate 
the files it says it can't find any. And the files ARE on the cd in 
/vax/binary/sets and I also had a look under what name it mounts the cdrom 
and that is indeed cd0 (you can see the cd-rom light go on when it tries to 
access the cd).

Anybody ANY idea's what might be causing the problems ??

Stefan Mansier.

PS. If I need to supply anymore information please let me know!!