Subject: RE: saving a FLASH chip? (4000/90, 4000/100)
To: 'Chuck McManis' <>
From: Carlini, Antonio <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/09/2001 11:12:47
> Chuck McManis wrote (admittedly a few months ago! ...)
	>So given that NetBSD screws up the FLASH chip in some machines,
does anyone 
	>know of a program that I could run on VMS to copy the contents of
the FLASH 
	>to a file and then to restore it from that file? I'd like to save
	>proms before they are modified :-) Source code would be OK since I
	>most of the languages available for VMS in a ConDist somewhere.

	Sucking down the contents of Flash should not
	be too hard. It lives in 512KB starting at

	I've done this before (for a different machine)
	using OpenVMS, but I guess that's not really
	appropriate here :-)

	Writing the flash back should be fairly
	easy too - you need to open the box, 
	determine the exact flash type (probably 
	some AMD or other), read the data sheet
	and blast away. (You might want to find
	some unused area of 0xFFFF or 0x0000
	towards the end to use for experimentation).

	If you get it wrong you need an appropriate
	eprom programmer and quite possibly
	the ability to successfully desolder
	the relevant chip(s)!

	I have an upgrade that is known to be
	bootable from an ODS-2 formatted disk
	(and a corresponding upgrade that
	may or may not be MOP bootable).
	This upgrade fixed the NetBSD "problem"
	for one individual's VAXstation 4000-90. 
	I'll see if I can  persuade someone to 
	make it available via the OpenVMS 
	Freeware CD (which is also available on 
	the web, so you don't need to get the CD!)