Subject: Re: VAX 6400 booting saga: barred from using MULTINET (sigh!)
To: Robert Schaefer <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/08/2001 15:55:30
> Does that mean my current pak (knew it was one or the other!!) for my 6310
> will also work on my 4Km90 and 3100m40?


> Even for clustering?

i don't think so, since you have to "limit" each CPU license in a cluster with
/include=machinename and all cluster machines share the same license database.
so you would need one CPU license per machine.

> ^_^  I think I was lucky just to get the number the first time-- it took so
> long I had forgotten about it!

i still haven't gotten my card, so when i need anything i call and get my
number, and then write it down on a scrap of paper and use it.  i then proceed
to lose it a week or two later, and then the next time i need a CPU license
generated i call up DECUS and get my number again.  my theory is they will get
tired of taking my calls and send me a damn card one of these times (i ask to
get one sent to me every time i call)