Subject: Re: VAX 6400 booting saga: barred from using MULTINET (sigh!)
To: None <>
From: Dennis Grevenstein <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/08/2001 21:27:19
Robert Schaefer wrote:
> Looks like decus membership ( is still free.  Join up,
> then get a hobbiest pac for VMS & layered products.  Currently it only costs
> your time, (took 'em three or four months to process my app.) then I had to
> manually type in the VMS & UCX pac, then ftp'd the whole layered pac over.

That's generally a good idea since VMS is a nice OS, but it will
really take a lot of time.

> I *heard* but won't swear to it that the hobbiest licenses don't care about
> serial numbers.  I can confirm that a pac I got for my 6310 accepts my 6320
> with a non-matching 2nd processor.

That's right. The hobbyist license is an unlimited User license that
will run on any hardware.
The Hardware ID only matters for the checksum. It is not tested by VMS.

> I'm in a similar spot-- I want pacs for my latest haul (VS3100m40), but I
> don't seem to have my decus number wrote down anywhere!

I guess you mean "PAK's" (product activation keys).
Normally you don't need to write down your DECUS number. I got a
small membership card that always reminds me that they haven't entered
my name correctly ;-)


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