Subject: Re: VAX 6400 booting saga: barred from using MULTINET (sigh!)
To: Brian Hechinger <>
From: Gunther Schadow <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/08/2001 14:49:13
Brian Hechinger wrote:

>>>- get a MULTINET license (no inclination unless it's free and
>>>   does not require the rest of the VMS system to be set up
>>>   properly (it isn't, I can't even do a SYSGEN ...)
>>Looks like decus membership ( is still free.  Join up,
>>then get a hobbiest pac for VMS & layered products.  Currently it only costs
>>your time, (took 'em three or four months to process my app.) then I had to
>>manually type in the VMS & UCX pac, then ftp'd the whole layered pac over.
> the multinet license is also free to hobbyists.  and multinet kicks the living
> crap outta UCX, so you want multinet. :)

Yes, yes, and all this trouble for sucking a boot image over to a
disk to get on to Ultrix. I think I will rather write the stuff
on a tape at work.

>>On a side note, are there any benefits to the various EEPROM versions on the
>>different processors?  I don't believe my 6320 will autoboot with the
>>mismatching eeprom error I'm getting now, but I'd hate to erase a firmware
>>upgrade just because I don't know what I'm doing!
> whatever you do, be very careful.  but you may want to look into getting the
> eeproms the same.  at while you are at it, look at getting the latest versions
> too.

Here is what you do: If you have a TK70 writable tape, you simply
do SAVE EEPROM for those processors that you will update. Then
switch to the processor with the prevailing EEPROM image and say
UPDATE or UPDATE ALL ... can't remember off the bat here. Just make
sure you upgrade them all to the most recent revision.

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