Subject: Re: VAX6400 booting saga: getting VMS to boot without a cluster ...
To: None <>
From: Stanley Reynolds <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/06/2001 19:53:54
> never come back. Can I set some "minimum votes"
> parameter
> on the conversational boot to make it go on? What
> would that
> be?
It has been a long time but at least one node in a
cluster could boot without any other members. Some
members would boot diskless or just with a swapfile
local and they would have to wait on the node with the
operating system. I do think each cluster had a
minimum number of members like 51% of the total. I
know the whole cluster would hang for a while when a
node joined. I used Basic to raw write to a unmounted
disk under RSTS/E not sure but VMS may allow the same.

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