Subject: Re: Is a MicroVax 3800 supported on 1.5.2?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/01/2001 23:05:17
On  1 Dec, Dale Offret Jr. wrote:

> I have followed the setup how-to on setting up MOPD, rarpd, and 
> rpc.bootparamsd, etc.
rarp and bootparam is the old method. Since NetBSD 1.4 (?) the moploader
should use bootp/dhcp. So I suspect you try to load 1.5.2 with the
1.3.2 moploader. This may cause your problems.

>>> NetBSD/vax boot [date/time]
> : /netbsd
> netboot: no interfaces left untried
> rtt
It would be helpfull for us to know the date/time from the above
message. :-)

1.5.2 should run fine on your machine, as this runs on my MV3900.
(Rackmount version of the MV3800.) Are you sure that you have used the
moploader from 1.5.2?