Subject: Is a MicroVax 3800 supported on 1.5.2?
To: None <>
From: Dale Offret Jr. <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/01/2001 15:50:08
A friend and I did some network contract work for a local power 
company.  They had changed out their VAX solution for an AS/400.  In 
talking with the head IT person he said we could take the MicroVax 
3800 and a few VT320 terminals.

I wanted to use this server as small home dns server.  I have already 
decided to not load the system locally but to use a netboot with 
MOP.  I have followed the setup how-to on setting up MOPD, rarpd, and 
rpc.bootparamsd, etc.

I fire up the VAX and get the following.

---- Start clip -----

# I enter this for MOP booting
>>> b/100 XQA0


bootfile: mopboot     <-- I enter the mopboot file name.


>> NetBSD/vax boot [date/time]
: /netbsd
netboot: no interfaces left untried

---- End clip ----

Now the mopd server program does report activity, and doesn't report 
any errors.  I first tried NetBSD 1.3.2 then 1.5.2 both have the same 

I did some searching on the port-vax mailing list and also checking 
in the archives about the Qbus ethernet controllers.  The most recent 
information I could find was in 1998 explaining to another Qbus owner 
that the netbsd kernel still had no Qbus ethernet support.

My question is has the Qbus ethernet support been added to the vax 
GENERIC kernel? Or am I the proud owner of a 150 lbs. paper weight?  
Could I recompile a custom kernel in i386 for the Vax with Qbus 
ethernet support?

Thank you for your time.

Dale Offret Jr.
dale at svwy dot net

No personal replies necessary.  Please reply to the list.  Others may 
ask the same question.  Thanks again.