Subject: RE: Did a dumb thing today -- picked up a 5 buck MV2000....
To: None <>
From: Carlini, Antonio <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/27/2001 12:51:48
> Ken Wellsch wrote:
	>The docs describe the daughter card as an MS400-AA (2Mb) and
	>MS400-BA (4Mb).  I was wrong - the docs say the daughtercard
	>can contain up to 14Mb (and the CPU as we know can address 16Mb)

	The MS400 is not the same as the VS3100
	memory card. I don't think they would
	even physically fit.

	I don't know why the KA410 was originally
	limited to 14MB. I do know that to get
	3rd party memory 16MB to work needed
	a PROM upgrade on the KA410 (which 
	happened fairly late in its life IIRC).

	>As you may know, the CPU is called a KA410.  The models I've
	>have either just a thin (BNC) connector for ethernet or a switch
	>both a thick and thin connector.

	I think the ethernet is an optional board.